Brisket Bits

Cook :
– Trim the Brisket Point and cut fat cap down where needed (leaving a thin layer of fat on top).
– Season with 50:50 salt and pepper. Or in our case we used Good Rub Texas AF rub. With a sprinkle of smoked paprika.
– Let the rub set while you’re start the BBQ. We ran the pit at around 260 degrees f. Perfect for smoking.
– Add chosen wood to the pit. We used Oak chips.
– Add a water pan to the pit to create a humid environment.
After 2/3 hours check there are no burning areas and spritz lightly with 50:50 water:apple cider vinegar.
– Keep checking this every hour as the fat renders down and crisps up, spritzing if needed.
– When brisket internally reaches 160-170 degrees f and the bark forms on the brisket, take it out and wrap in foil or butcher paper with Butter and half a cup of beef stock.
– Put back on the pit and allow the internal temperature to reach around 200 degrees f.
– Once at this temperature, probe regularly with a temperature gauge until it is like a knife through butter.
– Then take off the pit and let the brisket rest until the internal drops to around 150 degrees f. Slice and serve.
Total cook time – 9 hrs.

Check out more from BBQ BOYS UK here!

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