The story of Globaltic begins in Tallinn, Estonia. We were restaurant owners and frequent charcoal users. Sustainability, quality and integrity are very important to us, we struggled to find a charcoal product that gave us the results we desired, without the use of additives or accelerants and from a sustainable source. 

Our search for the perfect wood took us around the world, to Europe, Asia and across Russia. We learned about what makes great wood and how it can be refined into quality charcoal. Native to our home are the Karelian Forests and their abundance of Silver Birch trees. Silver Birch makes for fantastic charcoal due to it being a hardwood, hardwoods have a naturally dense composition. We established supply with local people who had a passion for sustainable deforestation practices and began to produce the charcoal we’d always dreamed of. It was then, that Globaltic was born. 

Our charcoal became an instant success with chefs, the live fire cooking community and restauranteurs alike, our small company grew and we started to expand into Europe. We are now based in London, England and have dealers across 9 countries and a community of passionate Globaltic users. 

WE ARE THE BARBECUE SPECIALISTS.At The BBQ Shop, we really are as passionate about barbecue as we are about the service that we offer.First established in 1990, The BBQ Shop was originally a local barbecue shop based in Cobham, Surrey. We are now based just down the road in Old Woking, offering shipping to the whole of the UK, and even Europe. If you are ever down our way, we’d love for you to pop into our BBQ showroom where we have fantastic displays of our top bbq models, and even full outdoor kitchen set ups.We offer BBQs of all shapes, sizes and types, patio heaters and firepits and every barbecue accessory you could possibly ever need, along with fuels including calor gas, charcoal and bbq smoking wood. We also sell a vast array of fittings to get you up and running plus, BBQ spares & parts to keep your barbecue running for years to come.We understand that a choosing, buying and using a barbecue is about far more than steaks on the grill. Barbecues are a way of bringing people together – an opportunity to take a break, enjoy the outdoors and chat, laugh & tell stories whilst escaping the draw of yet another ‘must-view’ tv series or top 10 cat video compilation. That having been said, steaks (or really anything!) cooked over fire are something pretty special…and there’s usually less washing up – win win!Understanding what a bbq is really about, along with our extensive knowledge of each and every product we sell is what sets us apart. We have strong relationships with all of our barbecue manufacturers and understand their bbqs inside out – from new technology to the quality of the sheet metal construction.We hope that you will find all of the information that you are looking for to make a fantastic choice whether you are looking for a new barbecue or a great bbq sauce, at thebbqshop.co.uk but if you have any questions, please do call us on 01483 760750 or send an email to sales@thebbqshop.co.uk.

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