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Short Rib Gratin


Pork Tomahawks (Season as much as your personal taste can handle! These tomahawks can take a good coating without it being overpowering.) – Salt & pepper  – Chili powder (Any type you like best. Even homemade!) – Onion powder – Brown Sugar Marinate: Combine all of the seasoning ingredients together in a bowl, then using … Continue reading Tomaporks!

Jerk Lamb Ribs

JERK LAMB RIB Start with 2 racks of Lamb rib/breast.  Trim the lamb of excess fat and shape so that they are easier to handle and cook.  Peel off the underline membrane from from meat as much as possible Score your meat diamond shaped on the underneath (bone side) and single strikes on the top … Continue reading Jerk Lamb Ribs

Brisket Bits

Cook : – Trim the Brisket Point and cut fat cap down where needed (leaving a thin layer of fat on top). – Season with 50:50 salt and pepper. Or in our case we used Good Rub Texas AF rub. With a sprinkle of smoked paprika. – Let the rub set while you’re start the … Continue reading Brisket Bits

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