Side Of Rare Breed Saddleback Pork


Side of Free Range Rare Breed Saddleback Pork butchered, boxed and delivered locally for a bargain price of £200! ONLY 4 SIDES AVAILABLE! 


Don't worry if you don't have the freezer space, you can purchase your side of pork upfront and we will store it for you in the shop, just pop in and collect as you need it!

1xPork Loin (or pork chops)
1xBoneless loin
1xLeg of Pork (cut into manageable joints)
1xBlade (great for pulled pork)
1xThick end of belly
6x Spare Rib Chops
1xDouble Thick spare rib chop
2xTrotters (great for ham stock/soup)

*Can be butchered differently if you require ie. if you'd prefer some sausages!


Pork is from our friends at Tedfold Cottage Farm 


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