Angus Beef

The British Angus cattle of the 21st century are the ultimate beef animal, (more…)

British White

The British White is one of the country’s oldest breeds of cattle. Believed to have been brought over to Britain by the Romans (more…)

Sussex Red

Sussex Cattle are a red breed of beef cattle from the Weald of Sussex, Surrey and Kent, in south eastern England. (more…)

Blythburgh Pigs

Our Blythburgh pork comes from the herd of free range pigs that are reared on the picturesque north Suffolk coast. (more…)

Gloucester Old Spot

The rearing encourages the development of the fine grained meat, full of flavour that our Gloucester Old Spot pigs are renowned for. (more…)

Chicken, Geese and Ducks

Free range Essex Bird Chickens and Free Range Aylesbury Ducks.

Salt Marsh Lamb

The Salt Marsh lambs that we supply enter the market from June and can go through to about March;

Colne Valley Lamb

The Colne Valley lambs are reared next door to The Blackwells farm


We can offer Pheasants, Partridge, Pigeons, Rabbits, Hare and Venison all from the Blackwells estate