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Short Rib Gratin

Brisket Bits

Cook : – Trim the Brisket Point and cut fat cap down where needed (leaving a thin layer of fat on top). – Season with 50:50 salt and pepper. Or in our case we used Good Rub Texas AF rub. With a sprinkle of smoked paprika. – Let the rub set while you’re start the … Continue reading Brisket Bits

Picanha Over Fire

If there was ever a cut of meat perfectly suited to cooking over fire, then it’s picanha. A traditional South American ‘churrasco’ grill cut, it’s one of the tastiest pieces of beef you will find and ne that many grillmasters would name as their favourite. It’s taken from the top of the rump so has … Continue reading Picanha Over Fire

Pulled Pork

Check out this great video tutorial of how to make Pulled Pork at home, this method uses a smoker but you can replicate this in your oven and just add some nice Smokey BBQ sauce at the end. You can buy your Pork Butt from our online shop! If you’d like to see more from … Continue reading Pulled Pork

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